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Personal Development

Having the courage to step outside of the box

Personal development helps you regain focus and find the motivation you need to succeed

Overcoming hurdles and gaining control of your life

Refreshing your plan and finding a way forward to a more fulfilling future

Do you feel...

Stuck in a rut? Lacking motivation? Like you can't quite get where you want to be in life?

It's difficult finding a job or holding one down? You've lost focus on the goal?

Maybe you...

Have a plan but lack confidence? Feel confused about the future? Have a brilliant project in mind?

Are not quite living the life you had hoped for? Want a change but don't know where to start?

Perhaps you...

Want to improve relationships? Feel like something is missing? Want to reach your potential?

Want to improve your confidence or aim higher?

If you find you are considering these or similar statements then personal development might be right for you.

There are times in life when we lose direction or want to make changes, but we are unsure where to start or what exactly we want to do. Personal development is a method of working with you to understand your core values, strengths, hopes, identify areas of challenge and explore your potential. Using a strengths-based and goal-focused approach, we will work together so you can gain greater self-understanding; enabling you to find deeper meaning and an improved sense of well-being, authenticity, productivity and hope for a more fulfilling future.

Personal development focuses on strengthening your resilience, boosting your confidence, increasing your self-esteem and overcoming negative patterns that may have held you back in the past.

You may want to work individually, in a group or as part of an established team, to get a clearer sense of the future and what you want to achieve. Personal development can be incorporated into the therapeutic counselling process or used as a stand alone service for either short or longer term support.

Image by Sylvia Zhou

Personal development takes a thorough look across all areas of your life, to fully understand any blockages or challenges that might be stopping you from reaching your goals. This gives you the best chance to uncover and work on facilitating lasting change and will help you achieve a healthier balance between the different areas of your life; bringing an improved and renewed sense of purpose, meaning and positivity.

I work in an engaging and creative way, using, for example; solution focused techniques, evaluation, recovery charts, goal focused resolution, art-based strategies and mindfulness. I aim to help you ignite your drive and understand the areas that may need strengthening to allow you reach your goals. Sometimes we can be unsure of our next steps and need the space to gain a clearer picture of the options available to us and what we need to do to improve our situations, lives and overall well-being.

Please contact me to arrange an initial consultation or to discuss whether personal development will be right for you. We will explore your hopes, undertake a short assessment and outline what length of time you may need to complete your goal, or to be supported.


Engaging in personal development allows you to examine and strengthen all areas of your life and make changes for your greater good. You will remove your outdated ideas and enhance your skills and talents, to live a more fulfilling existence and and improve your quality of life and options.

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