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"How can I begin to make sense of everything?"

There are many reasons you may be considering accessing the support of a qualified and professional therapist. Here are a few common issues you might be seeking help with - we will explore your specific difficulties during your initial consultation.

anxiety - depression - low mood - problems from childhood - abuse - overwhelm - relationship difficulties - anger issues - living with a specific diagnosis such as BPD/EUPD - destructive behaviours - loss/grief - isolation - trauma -  panic attacks - withdrawal - stress - parenting issues - low self-esteem - self-harm - addictions - neurodiversity - ADHD

We sometimes respond to life based on the needs or responses of previous experiences, which can keep us stuck or frozen in our current situations and relationships. Therapy can help you move past old ways of coping and help empower you to explore life, set boundaries, heal and find resolution. It is not always necessary to revisit old and painful events, as feelings and emotions can be explored in non-direct ways too. You can develop a more satisfying relationship with yourself and others; overcome difficulties and find ways to gain inner strength and confidence.

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Methods of working

Creating a supportive, open and safe relationship forms the basis of the work we undertake together. I work in a variety of ways, using the methods most suited to you. Although we'll mainly be talking together, at times, if it appears useful, I may offer more creative elements; such as imagery, art, nature, sand tray, mindfulness and sensorimotor elements. It is quite normal that while undertaking therapy, you could experience challenging feelings relating to what we are discussing or working through; I will support you to overcome these and explore ways to cope with or reduce the difficulties associated with them.

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Integrative approach

I draw on robust training that enabled me to study and utilize various therapeutic models. My integrative approach places deep value on your experience of the world and the ways in which you uniquely view it. Profound change is able to be facilitated through our shared working, drawing on relational, person-centred, psychodynamic, gestalt, CBT/behavioural, existential, somatic and neurobiological practice. I undertake continuous development, keeping up to date with current research, methods and practice. I offer support accessing further services or organisations if needed.

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Hopeful futures

Counselling doesn't aim to fix you or see you as broken. Rather, it supports you to be free from the emotional distress and often painful impact of your experiences. Encouraging and empowering you to build resilience, confidence and deepen you self-awareness; you develop ways of being or coping which are healthier and support a more fulfilling life, helping you to let go of feelings that are no longer helpful or freeing you from the past. I do not tell you what to do, instead, we work together to discover solutions to your difficulties or find ways to better cope with, tolerate and improve your feelings in the present. 

Please call or email for further information or to arrange an initial consultation, where we can discuss your situation.

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